Cover Your Cough Campaign, Myanmar

Date: 1 March, 2015 to 31 March, 2015

In collaboration with the Myanmar National TB Program and the Ministry of Health’s Department of Health, the “Cover Your Cough” campaign will launch on 1 March, 2015. This campaign is led by the USAID CAP‐TB Project, which is implemented by FHI 360 in Yangon and Mandalay Regions.

TB and other diseases such as influenza can be transmitted through air from infected individuals to others. When a person with tuberculosis or influenza coughs or sneezes without covering his mouth and nose, the respiratory droplets can be inhaled, spreading the illness. The “Cover Your Cough” campaign has a simple message with life‐saving impact: when you cough, cover your mouth and nose using a cloth, tissue paper, or mask.

Last year, the “Cover Your Cough” campaign focused on community education and engagement to spread the message on cough etiquette. This year, the campaign will focus on public transportation, with stickers to be posted inside public buses, trains and within taxis and private cars. These activities will be done in collaboration with the media outlets from Yangon and Mandalay (Sky net TV channel, MRTV 4 TV channel, Mandalay FM, City FM and 7 Days News Journal). Stickers and posters demonstrating proper cough etiquette are published through the generous collaboration with singer and actor Sai Sai Khem Leng.

As a part of “Cover Your Cough”, the bus stop in front of Lower Myanmar TB Center will be used to promote public awareness for the campaign’s message on cough etiquette. Most MDR‐TB patients use public transportation for their follow‐up clinic visits to the Lower Myanmar TB Center, so the campaign’s poster will remind them to follow good cough etiquette when they are using public transportation.

Please visit the “Cover your Cough” Facebook page to follow the campaign’s activities and knowledge about cough etiquette!

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