CAP-TB passes a milestone as the first patient supported by our project is cured of MDR-TB
Ma Htet Htet Win is a normal girl in Monywa, Myanmar. When TB outreach workers came to her factory, she saw an opportunity she had hoped for.
Peer counselors provide essential learning and support for TB patients. CAP-TB is designing a strategy with plans for scale-up throughout China
Summit in Rayong points way for innovative strategy on TB/HIV
A starter kit of tuberculosis organizations to follow on Facebook and Twitter
A 55-year-old widow and her son had every reason to avoid their MDR-TB treatment.
Richard Coker, expert on health systems analysis, discusses priorities and incentives in Myanmar's MDR-TB crisis
The front line in the battle against TB/HIV is a 36-year-old woman in Kunming, China.


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