CAP-TB Heroes: Xiao Hong -- The front line in the battle against TB/HIV

14 November, 2013

One of the top risk factors for tuberculosis is HIV, a grave link that is a cornerstone of the activities supported by CAP-TB. Our inspiration for fighting these diseases is found in people like Xiao Hong of Kunming, China, a 36-year-old Kunming woman living with HIV who is now an HIV peer counselor. After caring for her husband, who died of TB and HIV, Xiao dedicated herself to helping people with HIV. She has a remarkable personality that inspires confidence though her focus and humility.

Xiao and her fellow counselors each see about 10 patients a day at the outpatient clinic run by Blue Sky, an HIV CBO, where the majority of people living with HIV in Kunming receive their outpatient care.  These counselors check in with patients on their medication, symptoms, and home life. And now, through CAP-TB's trainings, Xiao and other counselors working for Blue Sky have integrated TB screening into their daily routine. Along with their usual HIV questions and topics, they also methodically watch for TB symptoms, ask about family members and contacts, and build TB education into the overall counseling process.

Increasing TB case finding among HIV patients is one of the most important components of our TB strategy, and with passionate and effective people like Xiao on the ground, we can win.