Training peer counselors -- Foot soldiers in the fight against TB

14 January, 2014

The critical role of patient counseling is an important focus for CAP-TB.  Our China team recently conducted a two-day training of TB peer counselors, who are former or current TB patients dedicated to helping other patients understand their TB disease and treatment.   The participants in this training were from Kunming No.3 Hospital, Yunnan TB Clinical Center and Xi Shan CDC. Yunnan Provincial and Kunming Municipal CDCs also participated in the workshop, demonstrating their strong commitment to providing technical assistance to community TB staff who counsel and support patients throughout their treatment.  
This in-depth training for adherence counseling is novel for TB/MDR-TB control programs in China, and it has recently gained interest and support at the national level in Beijing.  The National China TB Bureau has asked the CAP-TB team to develop a TB/MDR-TB adherence counseling protocol, based on the Yunnan model with the goal to scale up implementation in other provinces throughout the country.