10 November, 2014
The fourth day of the 2014 Union World Conference showcased valuable experiences in combating MDR-TB. Our video highlights include experts discussing the key problems facing the fight against MDR-TB globally:  Dr. Chen-Yuan Chiang, IUATLD, Taiwan, discusses how his work in training MDR-TB... Read more
31 October, 2014
Many topics were covered in the the third day of the 2014 Union World Conference in Barcelona, including screening for diabetes among TB patients, mHealth initiatives and the challenge of scaling up, and the “short regimen” for MDR-TB. Learn more in our video highlights from the conference:   Dr.... Read more
30 October, 2014
The first two days of the 2014 Union World Conference in Barcelona investigated the issue of diabetes and tuberculosis. Watch these video highlights from the conference:   Dr. Anh Innes, Chief of Party of the USAID CAP-TB Project, provides a recap of key presentations from days one and two. Click... Read more
29 September, 2014
The community health workers on the front lines of Myanmar’s battle against multi-drug resistant tuberculosis are now equipped with smartphones that run a powerful data collection and patient tracking application, bringing the fight against dangerous TB strains into the mobile technology era. The... Read more
16 August, 2014
Our CAP-TB team in Myanmar has the privilege of caring for hundreds of patients with MDR-TB, each with their own unique story.  Some encourage and motivate us because of their triumph over disease and hardship, while others move us to work harder and to do more to eliminate this disease.  Daw Than... Read more
14 August, 2014
Ms. Huang, a resident of Yu Xi, China, has knowledge that the vast majority of TB caregivers do not have: firsthand experience from seven years of drug-resistant TB treatment.  Diagnosed with TB in her early twenties and finally cured after many years, she now looks forward to life after MDR-TB.... Read more
12 August, 2014
Thida is a young woman with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) who lives with her husband in Mandalay’s Aung Myay Tharzan Township.  After being treated twice for TB without improvement, she was tested and diagnosed with MDR-TB.  Four months into her MDR-TB therapy, Thida found out that she... Read more
28 May, 2014
A few months ago, we posted an article about how the CAP-TB China team was launching a groundbreaking method to support TB patients by means of the “57 Zone” -- an online chat group based on China’s popular social network, QQ.  This online group enabled patients to keep in touch with a group of... Read more
20 May, 2014
On a recent Monday, a doctor in Chiang Mai, Thailand, requested assistance with three specific clinical issues about his patients’ complex MDR-TB treatment, including adverse drug effects in the setting of hepatitis. Skilled doctors ask for technical input all the time. But something about this... Read more
12 May, 2014
Mr. Luo Zhenglin is a 45 year old man, a migrant from Gui Zhou province who moved to Kunming City to find work.  He was diagnosed with MDR-TB in May 2012, having never been diagnosed with TB before to his knowledge, but he comes from a rural area in Yunnan Province with very high TB prevalence and... Read more
20 March, 2014
This week, Rayong Province welcomed the MOPH DDC’s Deputy Director General, Dr. Somsak, for an exciting TB/HIV team meeting to discuss integrated care for these two diseases.   Dr. Somsak commended the province’s current performance and also urged the Bureau of Tuberculosis (BTB) at the central... Read more
12 March, 2014
You may have heard our shouts of joy when CAP-TB’s solar panel arrived in Myanmar after a long wait in India. This panel will be used to power the CAP-TB GeneXpert in Yangon, making it Myanmar’s first solar-powered GeneXpert machine. Much of Myanmar has no access to the electrical grid,... Read more
17 February, 2014
These days, there is a question that health professionals are smart to ask if they hope to stay current on the many aspects of the fight against TB:  Whom do you follow? Like most global health projects, we have found the power of social media channels to be really valuable – not only for... Read more
12 February, 2014
Anyone planning to implement a regional global health project would be wise to observe one piece of advice: Get someone who knows how to track the money. International development projects create a complex array of budgets, financial guidance, and practices that could overwhelm any manager who... Read more
5 February, 2014
We have written before about the innovative research studies that will be done this year to gain insight into the economic burden of MDR-TB in Myanmar and Yunnan, China, as well as the impact of gender and incentives on timely diagnosis and treatment. These studies are being led and conducted by... Read more
27 January, 2014
It is well known that social and digital media have proven indispensable to health projects in disseminating key knowledge.  Merely by posting a few clear sentences to our followers, we are able to spread lessons on TB management that can be transmitted virally to hundreds or thousands of people.... Read more
16 January, 2014
TB patients in China, in need of support and counselling to help fight the disease, have begun to hear about something called 57 Zone. To those outside China, it sounds mysterious. But to Chinese ears, the meaning comes through. The number 57 -- pronounced “wu qi” -- sounds like the phrases “No... Read more
14 January, 2014
The critical role of patient counseling is an important focus for CAP-TB.  Our China team recently conducted a two-day training of TB peer counselors, who are former or current TB patients dedicated to helping other patients understand their TB disease and treatment.   The participants in this... Read more
20 December, 2013
We were proud to officially add Kunming’s Hospital No. 3 as a very strategic CAP-TB partner this year. Our partnership with this large hospital is a powerful lever to impact standardization of TB and MDR-TB care in Yunnan Province, China. And we can already report CAP-TB’s support for a series of... Read more
6 December, 2013
We always jump to attention when our partners report from the outreach and education in workplaces throughout the greater Mekong region.  Connecting directly with people to spread knowledge about TB transmission and treatment is a key component in the strategy to eliminate TB and MDR-TB. Look... Read more