2 December, 2013
Imagine that you are a tuberculosis patient, alone at home in Rayong, Thailand. You have taken your TB medication for the day. But, unexpectedly, you become profoundly dizzy, and believe that you are on the verge of fainting. At this frightening moment, you can’t think about forms, or even the... Read more
26 November, 2013
In Rayong, Thailand, CAP-TB has a unique chance to take “health systems strengthening” to the next level. Unlike some high TB burden countries, Thailand has the capacity to diagnose and treat TB and MDR-TB, largely using the country’s own resources. So here in Thailand, we ask: How can these... Read more
25 November, 2013
Daw is a 55-year-old widow from Myanmar whose husband passed away 4 years ago from tuberculosis.  Her 32-year-old son has also been treated twice for TB since his father’s death, and he was finally diagnosed with MDR-TB in April, 2013.  But, because he was concerned about the family losing its sole... Read more
14 November, 2013
One of the top risk factors for tuberculosis is HIV, a grave link that is a cornerstone of the activities supported by CAP-TB. Our inspiration for fighting these diseases is found in people like Xiao Hong of Kunming, China, a 36-year-old Kunming woman living with HIV who is now an HIV peer... Read more
13 November, 2013
The health facility handling the highest number of TB and MDR-TB patients in Yunnan Province is Kunming’s No. 3 Hospital, which is a city-level, “public and for-profit” facility. This administrative status leaves No. 3 Hospital outside of the official authority of China’s government TB control... Read more
3 October, 2013
Our website has recently posted a number of articles and presentations by Professor Richard Coker of the Communicable Diseases Policy Research Group in Bangkok. CDPRG is a multi-disciplinary group within the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), in their Department of Global... Read more
30 September, 2013
We're glad to report happy news about the TB patients who have crossed paths with the CAP-TB team.  In June, we distributed a short article about Ms. Wang Qing, a courageous TB patient in Fu Hai, China. While fighting a complicated case of TB of the bone and lung, Wang Qing still managed to think... Read more
23 September, 2013
CAP-TB China’s night-time outreach event series continues!  Last week, our team’s community event, in Chuan Fang community in Xi Shan district, was a raging success. Under the lights, over 400 people watched skits, presentations, and music, spreading information about tuberculosis, infection... Read more
19 September, 2013
CAP-TB’s partners in Myanmar are continuously engaged in a stream of valuable training and outreach to bolster the country’s response to its grave tuberculosis epidemic.  We decided to take a glimpse at just a few of the events that were held recently by the CAP-TB team. Late August and early... Read more
16 September, 2013
The poorest prefecture in Yunnan Province, China, is Zhao Tong -- A rural and mountainous region where the main industries are coal mining, tobacco farming, and cement manufacturing.  And Zhao Tong Prefecture has sustained a “Chronic TB Outbreak” in recent years that has persisted despite efforts... Read more
5 September, 2013
Myanmar may have a high burden of Tuberculosis, but it is responding with innovation.  Last week in Chan Mya Tharsi, Mandalay, CAP-TB partner Myanmar Medical Association (MMA) held the country's first training of "Community Supporters" for MDR-TB. This is Myanmar's term for a 100% volunteer corps... Read more
5 September, 2013
CAP-TB was excited to welcome U.S. Ambassador Kristie Kenney to Rayong Provincial Hospital on Wednesday. The Ambassador was introduced to the multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and village health volunteers who partner together to implement effective MDR-TB care.  Ambassador... Read more
9 August, 2013
Innovative communication is not always about Social Media. On July 29, the night air of Fu Hai Community in Kunming City, China, was ringing with the voices of an all-male theater troupe who enacted colorful and humorous scenarios on key tuberculosis issues, from hand-washing to eschewing stigma... Read more
24 July, 2013
Two months ago, CAP-TB supported trainings for the first community-based Diabetes/TB screening in China, aiming to block the frightening potential when these two diseases interact. Now, our Chinese partners in Kunming have initiated this effort, screening diabetic patients for TB symptoms. Last... Read more
3 July, 2013
The challenge of TB infection control becomes a clearer picture when viewed through the story of one patient. This is “M”, a 17 year old MDR-TB patient who has almost completed her treatment of 24 months. M contracted MDR-TB when she was living in Myitkyina, Myanmar, in a house with her father, two... Read more
28 June, 2013
Myanmar's National Tuberculosis Program (NTP) currently only covers 38 out of over 300 townships in the country for programmatic MDR-TB control. This means that people who contract MDR-TB may have to move to a different township to get treatment. So, CAP-TB aims to complement the NTP's capacity by... Read more
24 June, 2013
CAP-TB is going solar. Since much of non-urban Myanmar lacks reliable power sources, we are acquiring a solar panel system to power the GeneXpert rapid-diagnosis machine that we are shipping into the country. We will need our GeneXpert diagnosing full-time, and in recent discussions we've heard... Read more
20 June, 2013
Note: To read a more recent update related to the story below, see the article "90 Days Later."  If you were a mother of two that had just been diagnosed with Tuberculosis of the bone and of the lung, you might be forgiven if you decided to dedicate your time to taking a rest. But for some people,... Read more
14 June, 2013
In Xi Shan District of Yunnan, China, CAP-TB staff are seeing exactly the kinds of health statistics they dream of. CAP-TB staff compared the TB cases notified to date in 2013 with the same period over the last two years and saw a 153 percent increase. The more our partners identify these... Read more
5 June, 2013
For U Ba Maung, infection control is not just an academic phrase. For the 63-year-old U Ba, it means riding his motorcycle through dense city streets and village roads, finding the hard-to-locate homes of TB patients, and tracing their close personal contacts to help detect spread of infection and... Read more