Guidelines for the management of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in Myanmar

Comprehensive guidelines for managing MDR-TB in Myanmar.  These guidelines have been prepared principally for use by NTP managers and staff, as well as partner organizations and professionals involved in delivering TB and MDR-TB care and implementing MDR-TB control activities in Myanmar. They are an updated version of the Operational Procedures for the DOTS-Plus Pilot Sites for Multidrug Resistant TB Management in Yangon and Mandalay Divisions. They incorporate the wealth of experience gained from the DOTS-Plus pilot project and from more than three and a half years of MDR-TB management according to Green Light Committee and WHO standards, including the treatment and care of close to 800 MDR-TB patients. Furthermore, these updated guidelines take into account recent advances in laboratory diagnostics and MDR-TB management.

Document Date: 17 September, 2013
Author: Myanmar National Tuberculosis Program; WHO
Country: Burma